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Discover what our products can do for you and check out our video on what are our favourite vitamins and minerals and why.

  • Daily 4 30+

    Daily 4 30+

    Intelligent nutrition tailored for your thirties and forties.

    From £20.00

  • Purples Powder

    Purples Powder

    Inner Me’s Purples Powder contains purple carrot, beetroot and purple grape but in a convenient rich and nourishing powder form that easily mixes in with cooking, smoothies and juices.

    From £8.00

  • Greens Powder

    Greens Powder

    Nothing but sustainable Kale, Spinach and Broccoli.

    From £8.00

  • Childrens Vitamin<br /> Powder with Probiotic

    Childrens Vitamin
    Powder with Probiotic

    A delicious, natural berry flavour powder of vitamins A, C and D

    From £10.00

  • Superfood Vegan Protein

    Superfood Vegan Protein

    Nothing but sustainable Hemp, Sacha Inchi and Cranberry. Hemp and Sacha Inchi are some of natures most complete and nutritious plant protein sources.

    From £8.00

  • Soothe Me Magnesium Drink

    Soothe Me Magnesium Drink

    Sip a warm cup of Soothe Me Magnesium Drink just before bedtime or alternatively have post exercise with cooled water to boost your magnesium intake.
  • Epsom Bath Salts

    Epsom Bath Salts

    Soak, Soothe, Absorb magnesium with our Epsom Bath Salts to relieve any aches and pains.

    From £8.00

  • DigeZyme® digestive enzyme blend

    DigeZyme® digestive enzyme blend

    Balance your digestive process with DigeZyme®

    From £8.00

  • Pro Beauty Skin Supplements

    Pro Beauty Skin Supplements

    Our ultimate beauty supplement for your skin, hair and nails. With Marine Collagen.

    From £15.00

  • Pro Hair

    Pro Hair

    Feed your follicles with our fortifying nutrients. Biotin, Selenium and Silica to name just a few.

    From £15.00

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